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Screening is non-negotiable but easy to do! The verification process in for my safety and our compatibility.

Any information shared with me will only be used for this purpose, and will never be shared with anyone else. Once I have verified you, I will wipe sensitive information. I will treat your information with the same discretion and respect that I expect from you. 

To set our meeting, please provide:

Contact Information

1. First & last name

2. Listed telephone number

3. Age

4. Email address

5. How you discovered me


Two references from verifiable & reputable acquaintances you have made within the past six months.

The email or phone number you use to contact, a link to their website or advertisement


Verification Website

Your handle on Preferred411 on which you have at least two active provider OKs within the last six months

Employment Verification

  • Your Active Linkedin profile 
  • Your work website, preferably with your bio.
  • A link to any website that will verify what your employment is.
  • Your photo ID

You may also discreetly email me from your work email to my private secure email, or schedule a quick phone call over your work phone. Your work phone number must be publicly listed as the company's phone number. Please include instructions for when you'd like me to call and what you'd like me to say!   


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